Overview: About Statements

A credit card statement is a detailed record of all the transactions made on a credit card account during a specific billing period, usually one calendar month. It provides important information about the account such as the account holder's name and account number, the billing period covered by the statement, the total amount due, the minimum payment due, and the due date.

The statement will also show the transactions made on the account, including the date, merchant name, and amount of each purchase or cash advance. It will also show any payments, credit or refunds that have been made to the account.

Additionally, the statement will show any fees or interest charges that have been applied to the account, such as annual fees, late payment fees, or over-the-limit fees. It will also show the available credit limit on the account and the current balance on the account.

It's important to review the statement carefully to ensure that all the transactions are accurate and to identify any fraudulent charges as soon as possible. It's also important to pay the bill on time to avoid late payment fees and to ensure that the account remains in good standing.

The statement can be received by mail or email or can be accessed through the bank or credit card issuer's website, most of the time you can access the statement for the past 12 months, keeping a good record of the statement is important for personal financial management, tax purposes and credit score management.