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What you can build with Falcon
Our all-in-one developer platform allows Banks, Fintechs, and Co-brand partners to embed a variety of financial products in their end-user mobile and web applications:
Implementation Flow
Launching a new Prepaid/Credit Card Program or embedding one of the above products generally requires the following steps:
  • Onboarding / Initial Setup: we’ll add you as a partner entity and configure product / program parameters using the Falcon Admin Dashboard. No Developers required at this stage. You will receive your API Keys as part of this process.
  • Your developers implement core product/program logic using the Falcon APIs described in this developer portal.
  • Your developers implement user-facing journeys and components (e.g. the app screen where users can generate a virtual single-use card) as part of the end-user mobile or web application, using Falcon’s ready-made Whitelabel UI Components and SDKs.
  • If you do not yet have your own end-user mobile app, Falcon can provide a premade No-Code Mobile App for you to share with end users. Add your own branding to customize it.
  • Ongoing program management: your admins can monitor all aspects of the program, add/manage users, change program or product parameters via the Admin Dashboard.
Let’s get started: